QuietRock Soundproof Drywall

Reliable, easy, and cost-effective noise reducing solutions for commercial and residential construction

Introduced in 2002, QuietRock products have revolutionized the building of high STC walls. QuietRock offers lower cost solutions – with higher STC performance – than other solutions. From ½” residential to 1 3/8th” commercial products, QuietRock is used just like standard drywall and directly replaces traditional noise damping techniques such as resilient channels, clips, soundboard and mass-loaded vinyl.

Certain QuietRock products are covered under U.S. Patent 7,181,891.

Installation of an acoustical wall requires proper sealing to avoid the likelihood of sound transmitting through wall penetrations, leaks or flanking paths. A building’s structure can also spread air and structure-born sound. Lowering the unwanted sound coming through a common wall may require extending coverage to the adjacent hard flooring, walls and ceilings. Additionally, any wall, floor or ceiling penetrations, as well as doors and windows, create paths for sound. Each installation and situation will differ. No construction method or material should be considered 100% soundproof. It is recommended that you consult with an expert to meet your acoustical requirements. QuietRock is tested in controlled, laboratory conditions. Due to the many variables in actual installations your results may vary.

Excerpt from: http://www.quietrock.com/quietrock-drywall.html – Check it out!

For further information, tech support, and to find out more about these products see: http://www.quietrock.com/

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